1. Are you an online Event Planning company?

Yes, Birthdayorganizer.in is an online Budget Event Planning Platform available in 200+ cities across India. Providing Professional Balloon Decoration, Party Planning, Candle light Dinner, Surprise Planning, Gifts and other events at a reasonable price. More than 15000+ Families Trust us every month.

2. What type of Balloons do you guys use?

We use best quality of Balloons i.e. Metallic, Pastel and Chrome Balloons. This doesn’t harm and damaged walls as we use it with paper tapes. And we don’t use or provide Helium Balloons.

3. How can I place orders?

You can place order from our website or you can connect with us on our Whatsapp number 8287370051 if you have any query or you want to customize your decoration.

4. Do you guys provide Room & Decoration as well?

Yes, we provide rooms but in selected cities, but food and cakes are not included in it. You can bring your beverages from outside or you can order from hotel itself.  

5. Travelling expenses is included in your Package?

Yes in every package travelling expenses is included. If your location is far from cities than travelling charges will be extra and you will be informed before only.

6. How would I know my Order is confirmed?

You will receive a confirmation message from our side on your Email id. That your booking is confirmed with invoice attached on it.

7. How and when do I receive the order invoice?

Once your payment is done on our website you will be receiving invoice on your given email id with all booking details.


8. What if my plans cancel?

If cancellations are made -

  1. Less than 24 hours before an Event: Cancellation with no amount refund

  2. 24 hours to 72 hours before an Event: Rs 1000 or 50% whichever is Lower

  3. 3-7 Days before an Event: Rs 500 Flat Cancelation Charges

Before 7 Days of Event: No Cancellation charge

9. Can I Reschedule my event and if Yes then How to Reschedule the Event ?

Yes, you can reschedule your event but exceptions are there.

  1. Less than 24 hours before Event: No Rescheduling (Re scheduling Only in Certain Cases)
  2. 24 hours to 3 days before an Event: Rescheduling at Zero Fee.
  3. 3 days or more before an Event: Rescheduling at Zero Fee.

No Rescheduling possible for experiences booked for 13th and 14th February or 25th and 31st December or any other special days for Special Packages.

10. If I have already Booked a package but I want to change with another package? Then how can I proceed?

No problem with that. You can change your package but you need to inform us before 2 Days of the event. Same thing goes with your balloon color you need to inform us before only. As same day and one day before the event it is not possible.

11. What are add-ons?

If you have liked a package but you need to customize it or you want add some extra stuffs you can click on our add-ons options which is available in every package on our website. Add-ons means something which can be added on packages which is not there in decoration or something, which you want personally to be added.

12. Is your Decoration on rental Basis?

Not every Decoration is on rental basis. It depends on decoration and packages you choose. If you are going for a basic decoration balloons and all stuffs will be yours. If you are going for Premium one like ring, floor cabana and any other premium decoration, we will take back stuffs on the very next day of the event. You will be seeing in every package it will be written if these stuffs are on rental basis or not.